Beautiful Suri Alpaca Bats and Slivers

I prepare my alpaca fleece for spinning using a Duncan Dum Carder to make Suri Alpaca Bats or English Wool Combs to make Suri Alpaca Slivers, depending upon the fleece and what I want to make.

Suri Alpaca Sliver on a Distaff
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Bats. Batting, Rovings, Rolligs, Tops, and Slivers are all intermediate products between Raw Fleece and Finished Yarn. The more parallel the individual fibers, the smoother the yarn. Smooth yarn is known as Worsted yarn. Add to that the smoothness of the suri fiber and you have a spectacular yarn.
If your a spinner and want to treat yourself, I sell fleece in any stage of the product life cycle.  I’ll sell a full skirted fleece for $30/pound.  My picked and washed fleece, bats, rovings, and slivers are priced by the ounce (although I do give 20% discount if you buy a full pound of any of my hand processed products). 
Birds Nests or Honey Buns, Suri Fleece Shines

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Making Suri Alpaca Slivers and Bats

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