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Suri Alpaca Bats for Spinning into Yarn.

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Capital Alpacas' Emily

Capital Alpacas' Emily is a Fancy Suri Alpaca. Freshly shorn (above) she is has dark fawn spots on a backround of light fawn (appaloosa). Emily's Dam is Capital Alpacas' Lilly and her Sire is Conan. She was born 4 May 2008. Emily is proud mom of Snow White.
See Emily's ARI Certificate
This is Emily with her 2010 Cria Rieman's Hypothesis
Suri Alpaca Bats for Spinning into Yarn.

She has Spots

Freshly shorn she is has dark fawn spots on a backround of light fawn. Emily is an appaloosa.
Emily's fleece has spots

Cassandra, Emily, and Mildred are all beautiful alpacas
Emily's 2010 cria Rieman's Hypothesis is a medium fawn male with a white face. He was born on September 11, 2010. Emily's 2011 cria was born exactly one year later on September 11, 2011. Her 2011 cria is a female we named Snow White. Can you guess what color she is?
Suri Alpaca Yarn Dyed All Colors of the Rainbow


Suri Alpacas are regal animals. They are camelids, related to the Bactrian (two hump) and the dromedary (one hump) or Arabian camel. Oddly enough, the ancestors of the modern camel originated in North America and spred to Asia across a land bridge that existed at the time and to South America. The Bactrian lives in the dry desert areas of western Asia, and the and Dromedary is from central and east Asia. Both species are domesticated to provide milk and meat, and as beasts of burden.

There are four south american camelids (I call them the no hump camels). They are the llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicuna. Lamas were domesticates thousands of years ago by native American peoples in the Andean Highlands of South America. The llama is primarily a beast of burden but some have very soft fleece also. Alpacas were bred and used primarily for their fiber. Luster is the unique trait of a suri alpaca fleece. A lustrous fleece will have a slick, soft hand. Beginning at the skin, the farther the luster extends toward the tip of the lock the better. Garments made from suri glisten and shimmer. Don Julio Barreda says: There are three important qualities in a suri alpaca: luster, luster, and luster.
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What a regal face!

Alpacas are regal animals